Carpet Cleaning Solutions - Using the Safe Ones

Carpet Cleaning Solutions - Using the Safe Ones

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With the progress of science in the 21st century, an individual would believe a way to remove stains and odors from carpets could be perfected, but no.  There seems to be nothing that really works other than some simple household carpet cleaning solutions and elbow grease.  Let's face it, carpets are not affordable.  They may be among the largest investments in one's house, besides the house. 
Many of now 's commercial products warn us to test their product on an out-of-the-way area of the carpet to check for color safeness.  What?  I spend all this cash for a wonder chemical and it may change the color of my carpet?  Well, there are some carpet cleaning solutions, pun intended, that are safe.  The old home remedies.  One reason they stay around as long, is they work.  Obviously, we must work to make them work.  Most of them need elbow grease.  
Ammonia.  Ammonia is one of the oldest materials under our kitchen countertops, yet it'll remove stains and odors.   Additionally, because it contains the compounds pet urine contains, be careful when using around pets.  We don't want the pet using that spot to get their potty.  Adding vinegar into the ammonia plus ammonia can produce a great general carpet cleaning solution.  Using once per month is ideal, but the majority of us don't want to spend that much time on carpet cleaning, so using it once a quarter can help the carpet retain its brand new look.
Baking Soda.  A cheap, environmentally safe, carpet cleaning solution and it works on both the spots and odor.  Dust it on the carpet.  If the stain is very awful, use hot water and scrub with a stiff bristle brush.  Let is sit for a while, then using a wet vac pick up both wet and water baking soda along with the stain.
Club Soda.  Could be used for something other than to thin your scotch.   This is a great carpet cleaning option and stain remover.  Sprinkle the stain with table salt and mist over it with club soda, then leave it for about an hour, then vacuum.  All including the stain should really go up the vacuumcleaner. 
Now here is a common sense idea.  Who would have believed laundry detergent could be a carpet cleaning option.  But we use it on our own clothing to remove stains, so why don't our carpet?  If it is a liquid detergent, drizzle some over the place and soak with water.  Work in using a brush, rinse with water again and vacuum up using a wet vac.  In case you've got a powder, then sprinkle over the place, wet and use the same brush to work in the place, rinse then vac up with wet vac.  The place should go up with all the soap and water.
So, in review, many old remedies are better than the brand new compounds for carpet cleaning solutions.  The drawback is they need elbow grease.  The advantage is they are more economical, safer for the environment and also for the carpet.visit topryde carpet cleaning  
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